An Acclamation of Bonds


“Dark is the spirit of my token. Dark is my call.”                                                                     Emperor Encorcelled by Khaos

“We have lost sight
Of the night-side of the self
Hunted by the fear
Of reunion
Night-sight is bliss
For he who dares look into
A world where you embrace the opposite
Where you are whole

There is no lasting joy
In numbness and dogma
Too much is too little in knowledge
Driven by mystery”                                                                                                                                       Enslaved Night-sight

The average person looks at a yin yang symbol and immediately thinks ‘Good v/s Evil’, but that is simply not the case. It’s ingrained in us from a young age, through many different channels. Religions see “darkness” as a detrimental force, something controlled by the devil harbouring hatred and advocating ill intent. But darkness is a physical absence and nothing more, a space not yet filled by light. It is an empty vessel, a place to go when rest is needed. When the soul is freed from the sheaths that protect its delicacy from raw physical vibration, it no longer requires darkness or sleep. Its surroundings correspond to its needs or desires. I’ve read that in most advanced planes the sun never sets at all. I will enjoy the dark that Earth has to offer as long as I am here.

While it is true that those who associate with evil are drawn towards darkness, they are the honest ones, for lost is he who hides ill will in the light of day. One cannot look at a man and know his intent, the many infamous cult leaders and misdirected religious heads are evidence of this. Neither can one look at a woman and see beyond the black clothing, talismanic jewelry and tattoos and know that inside her is the deepest love for humankind. Truly it is rare to find us, those Light-givers living in Darkness, though I think there are many more than we realize. In fact, I began this blog in hopes of gathering us together, for we are the heralds of something previously unknown to this world, a unique gift whose light shines in the darkest reaches. I have named us the Hexen, and I meet more of them every age. It is always a welcomed reunion. The Acclamation Of Bonds:

“Brethren and sisters of my circle,
I acclaim thee all.
When guiding stars are clouded and deranged,
fear not to take my hand.

The bonds of trust and unity.
As gods received
till the end.”

With the 1990’s rise of symphonic black metal from the North came the first known “darkness” with such a tender soul, a generation that rejected the illusions common to society by representing the antithesis of them. Yes, this darkness was made famous for professing witchcraft and Satan worship, but from behind the outer layers a glittering intelligence burst forth whose destiny was to map out the lies of man in search for a deeper understanding of self. Rebellion takes many forms.

Historically, “light” began the turn of these souls towards darkness in search of the pagan gods of olde. The Lutheran faith infiltrated Norway and rescended its right to worship Norse gods, who had endured in their belief systems for many hundreds of years.  These young adults of the ’90’s, unhappy with the state of the world, distanced from their Viking ancestors by the forced fealty of religion, rejected society’s demands and forged out in the opposite direction, rekindling a reverence for those who came before them. The vast majority of these youth were simply wounded and/or misunderstood,  as is the case with most of the tattooed, black-clad youth of today.

Darkness was my friend long before I was told it was bad. Black was my favourite colour from age seven. As a child I spent much time removed from others, one with nature, storms and the nightsky. Once I had been taught that it was something to fear I still gravitated towards it even as I was afraid of it. I was touched by sorrow, drawn towards hurting things, bourne of a need to gather suffering unto myself before I even knew why. My mother says I would always know when she was suffering, even if she hid it from me. That empathic gift would be my downfall long before it became a blessing, but once it bloomed it embraced the entire world.

I loved metal music the moment I heard it. Having come to believe that “God” was a man in the sky that looked upon me with disdain, I welcomed anything that rejected “Him” as the rejected became the rejector. While my twin sister’s nature was to try and appease this god, it was in my nature to rebel against it and so I did with a fervor. She became a devout Christian and I became interested in witchcraft. What a joy it has been to find these many years later that our paths have both taken us to the same end.

It was Emperor’s symphonic black metal, the very genre that professes “God” does not exist, that turned me towards the idea of god. The secret is this: our source energy reaches out to us through whatever paths we choose. Every path leads back to it and yet we are it, returning to ourselves. Each one of us is a god who came here to know the Darkness and the Light, to experience pain and sorrow equally with release and joy, that we may experience all things that exist in all universes. This is a fundamental misunderstanding of man, one religion against another, one colour against another, one musical preference versus another. Just as the nun sings her songs in the convent so the aborigine in the wilds of Australia worships in his way and sings his own songs. So the metal band growls out the deepest questions of man, the philosophies of a new age in which the tide has turned towards change.

“For once I wish to see
the entity behind the voice.
The face of this seduction,
the beauty of my pain.

Am I blessed or am I cursed by thy presence?
What is my crime, what is my deed?
Is this life my redemption?
Shall I repent or proceed?

I hate my flesh.
Its dimension poisoned my soul with doubt.
It made me question
the essence of the “I”.
Slaves are those of this world
given freedom to lay chains upon The Master.”

It was these words that woke me. I knew there was a power greater within me, but the confusion caused by my belief of darkness as evil made me think that it was evil that called me, even as I was rejected by it. As this growling philosopher, Vegard Sverre Tveitan, questioned his own soul and the world around him through lyrics and music, so I began a quest of my own. Through his unflinchingly honest chronicles I found strength, faced my ideas of god for the first time and realized I’d been rejecting “Him” because “He” was not what awaited me. Those songs were with me when I found my ascended master, as well as the day a Viking ship floated down from the sky in a field, ushering in the sunlight, which presented itself to me as an Energy that could not be denied. I do not think of god in terms of common man. Between us there is no difference but that It is where I am headed on the eternal road to integration.

My Brother’s walk paralleled mine for many years until I turned from his Left path towards my own, a direction that would move me above the weight of Earth. Every path is experience gained, one is no more true than another. Once I knew of the power that existed in the universe I fell briefly away from metal, listening to world music because I believed that carrying Light made it my duty to do so. But the darkness inside of me had been an empty vessel waiting to be filled, and metal had a way of presenting itself time and time again when I most needed to be reminded what was real.

Eventually I realized that I am beautiful just as I am, and that darkness, inherent in me since birth, is my chosen direction for this life. Both dark and light live inside me together, as they do all of us.

Since then there have been other bands who scream out spiritual lessons. Some of these take the listener to dark planes, the Left Hand Path, some of them to light, the Right Hand Path. There is a Middle Road, the dark/light mix, ever-quickening towards Source, and it is where I want to go.

Beyond the physical worlds our ideas of evil and good intermingle. There is a Dark Presence out there, make no mistake, but only if we design it, as the only real state that exists is that of love. All roads make way to home, and dark presents opportunities for the light and vice versa.

The death metal bands of today have taken on the banner of spirituality, in fact it has become quite a fad to use cosmic or astral nomenclature in the name of bands, song names and lyrics. I’m sure a few of these are nothing more than the fad, but any fad which brings spirituality into consideration is a useful one. Those who are serious about their message are speaking to fans considered the most extreme of their kind, which I think is an amazing accomplishment. You won’t find death metal fans in the pews at church.

The metal album that has helped me the most these past few years is from the band Enslaved.  This album, entitled Axioma Ethica Odini, was my teacher during a most difficult time. Every day. every song spoke the reality of a different aspect of my situation, causing me to move with miraculous grace through moments that would otherwise have been much more difficult. Each time darkness showed me what love could do I loved myself more, an important endeavor for any of us to undertake.

The song “Ethica Odini” speaks directly to those who kill in the name of God (Search beyond the blinded eyes/Listen before you preach/Don’t leave yourself behind/Honor life, when life has ceased). “Waruun” speaks of self-deceit and the worship of constructs (Feared dissonance kept away – nails on stone/As darkness descends/Can’t find your way out of here/Yet… It was built by you). “The Beacon” calls us to ask the elders for help (I walked this far myself/My blood dripped from my knife/I awoke, and was alive/I did no longer weep/I saw my beacon,/I ran to aid). “Axioma” warns us against focusing on others karma (Fear not the settlement with those who fear the truth). “Giants” calls us to return within (See through the flesh/See past the soul/Feel the pulsing twilight/Domain of unborn thoughts/Go back, Unveil/Approach the cosmic womb). “Singular” is a powerful song of the Narrow Way, the lonely path to god (Alone in the daylight/One with reality/Shaped by the inner glow/Determination – I/All can be reached from within). “Lightening” warns against the martyr spirit (You fight the wars for your kin/You leave yourself behind/This settlement, you can’t win/The inner eye is blind).

And then there’s “Raidho”, an ancient text all its own, the path unfolding in all its bloody humanity and beauty. Raidho is my rune, and this song the foreversong of my soul in the union of stillness and change.


This journey without movement
Heading out for no-man’s land
The way ahead my only ally
Early hours, in the silence

This credence keeps me upright
Through the storms and disasters
A straight line towards the unknown end
Deceit waits on the back roads

This unwavering inner
Keeps fear a welcomed pointer
I, uprooted, now the fertile soil
As plot and shadows thicken

This juggernaut cannot be stopped
On any scale or planet
Ghostly tracks in my wake and ahead
An experience, cannot be shared

Wheels of time
Keep them turning
Carriage of concepts
Circling the planes

Lightless voyage, blinding speeds
Certain; I’ll stay the distance
Abstract shapes, enigmatic design
I know enough to endure

Lightless corridors, ageless
Contradictory engines run high
Deeper and further above

Journey of no promises
Beyond the lust for rewards
Focus on the movement of the Wheel
Union of stillness and change

Journey of the ages all
I’ll follow outside the edge
Breath, blood, sacrifice and bleeding eyes
Unending journey ahead

Be Here NowFrom the book “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass, et. al.

7 thoughts on “An Acclamation of Bonds

  1. Another band whose cause is worth mentioning is the French metal band Gojira, who fights for the environment with more than just songs. The members literally go out on ships and speak to fisherman who rape the ocean of tuna and whale populations that are being devastated. Their songs speak out against mankind’s treatment of the Earth while reminding us that the journey is ours to take, with songs called “Toxic Garbage Island” and “The Silver Cord”. Their most spiritual song that I am aware of is “Orobouros” from their 2008 album “The Way Of All Flesh”.

    Support an honourable cause:


    Serpent of light, movement of the soul
    crawling stately along the spine
    Mighty phoenix, from the ashes arises
    Firebird cycle, life, regenerate the cell

    Life burns fierce, reduced to ashes
    Resurrection from the flame, ageless process
    Quest for absolution, out of bounds introspect
    Self-consuming womb, ever-present, meet no end

    It seems like I always knew this
    since I’m a child I can feel it
    My inner light everlasting
    revolving within a circle

    Extended wings I’m flying
    over the valleys and planes
    The curve of space I’m leaving
    death is just an illusion

    Oroborus symbol of eternal life
    dig a tunnel through light, through ignorant walls
    I’m counting the days but I’m dying
    Grow up with impatience I’m falling down

    On the peaks of radiant mountains
    this truth is growing before before me
    My attention fixed on this silence
    Rediscover life while I’m breathing

    Designing the shape of material
    Frozen icon distant reminder
    Mankind has forgotten the gateways
    By the mouth of the serpent regenerate


    • Today I discovered a new metal band that belongs here with us. Persefone from the country of Andorra in Europe. This band is incredibly talented progressive melodic death in a vein all their own, the epitome of my generation; nothing less than exactly who they are, professing the shift in consciousness in a way that touches those who would never be touched otherwise. In the past this is a thing practically unheard of, but I’m seeing more and more of it these days. I have much hope for our generation when I hear bands like this.
      Even if listeners aren’t partial to these concepts, bands this good at what they do give creedence to spirituality, causing those who would otherwise never be exposed to such a powerful message to be more accepting of it. In all honesty, most people probably won’t know the lyrics or might not know what they mean but they love the music and so are introduced to the positivity that has moulded each and every note. Intent is everything.
      These musicians have perfected an art form. Each one is a master of his instrument. Let me stop talking now and let the music speak for itself.

      Support our brothers:

      The Majestic Of Gaia

      Huge blue planet Immense wonder of life
      Floating for years and years
      Full of beauty
      And forms of life

      The Wisdom of nature
      Helps us to feed, to grow
      Allows us to live in it
      And appreciate
      The Majestic of Gaia

      I feel the Earth
      As a totally rooted giant tree
      Linked to this energy body
      I venerate all its presence and beauty
      Its pure life

      We have to understand
      Our planet evolves, rises
      A crucial time
      A gift of life
      A spiritual migration

      Rising to a higher dimension
      Towards a natural state

      All the inner changes
      You experience
      Are the result
      The consequence
      Of the vibrational ascension
      Of Gaia
      Let them happen
      While you help our planet to rise!

      We’ve forgotten it
      Forgotten the link
      Earth, soul and Universe
      We’ve never been separated from it
      We’ve just disconnected ourselves
      The reconnection begins

      A new Earth
      A new Earth is emerging
      The natural balance
      Is being reborn

      The veil dissipates
      A progressive transition is happening
      Low vibrations will be healed
      Suffering’s eradication

      I embrace my planet
      Together we do the great migration
      Gaia’s evolution’s also mine

      I feel the Earth
      As a totally rooted giant tree
      Linked to this energy body
      I venerate all its presence and beauty
      Its pure life

      “Oh mother Earth,
      I thank you for all that you give
      I’m rooted to you
      I feel you
      I am you”


  2. Latly I’ve been consistently returning to the songs that speak to me. Sometimes I have completely forgotten about them until they present themselves, always at the most essential moment of rememberance.
    Though Wodensthrone is not an “enlightened” group, their song ‘First Light’ from the album “Curse” is a reminder of the Path. This song speaks to me of the hardships of life which we face with open arms and chin raised. Personally, the quote in the song about flame and ice reminds me that after every epiphany there is another dark night of soul. Though each dark night is more challenging, the epiphany that preceeded it always gives us the strength to bear the weight of the sky, in the waxing and waning of the Path. What a journey. I embrace each, yin and yang, equally.

    First light caresses the sky
    I am the creator
    “In biting flame and burning ice
    it shall begin again”

    Whisper to me the name of the wind
    be one with me
    transcend the self
    and become the whole

    Let us hear the song of the ocean
    and feel the weight of the sky
    The heart opens as the eye closes
    Pluck out and relinquish the ‘I’

    Ancestral warnings
    etched into our souls
    steer us from the darkness
    that lies within us all

    The serpent slumbers only lightly
    Though he with one eye keeps vigil
    Upon his throne once more
    As it was, so it shall be again


  3. Sometimes I hear a cd for the first time and though I don’t yet know the lyrics I know that it’s for me, that it’s powerful. I buy it. I listen to it on repeat, often for months. The message seeps into me, and the more I get to know it the more it reveals itself in my life, becoming what is happening around me. Many times what was already happening in my life was the question and the album that appears is the answer. I absorb every single ounce of its lesson until I am done and then move on.
    Sometimes, after years go by, I return to listen only to find that it no longer means what it used to. Sometimes I have a hard time imagining how I got the meanings out of it that I did, as if its secrets were only for me at that time and the way was closed.
    This is one of those albums. Mastodon’s “Crack The Skye”. Because it’s not the kind of music I am familiar with I never would have heard this on my own. Interesting that both this album and the Enslaved album listed above were given to me by the same person, a very sad and volatile alcoholic, both at essential times in my life when I most needed the lesson. Both times he was completely unaware of the gift he had given and thought it quite curious that I found such meaning in them.
    This album was written as a release. The drummer, Bran, had never dealt with his sister’s suicide. He decided to let it out on this album, speaking his heartbreaking life story to the world for the first time. What took hold of him and the band was the purest essence of the Universe, moving through each of them, through their instruments and out to the crowd. This album was incredibly successful for them. I hope it brought Bran peace.

    This demon skin is covered in a fine mist
    Opened his hand in my hand
    Holding my eyes to the future
    Hovering above myself
    Letting loose the guided
    Punching these holes in my head
    The space time paradigm

    Primal instincts

    Let it go

    Calling reason
    Finding you
    These wild hearts run
    Even deeper
    Burning through
    These wild hearts run

    Let it go

    Letting me free the quintessence
    In a fine mist
    Opened his hand in center
    Holding my eyes to the future
    Cupping the blood myself
    Letting loose the guided
    Punching these holes in my head
    Losing my skin to the landslide

    Primal instinct

    Let it go

    Calling reason
    Finding you
    These wild hearts run
    Even deeper
    Burning through
    These wild hearts run

    Let it go

    Shield failure
    Speed farewell


  4. This is a band that I discovered about an hour ago. I know virtually nothing about them but that they are from the Ukraine. Their name is Raventale, and the album is “Dark Substance of Dharma”. Song titles are names like “Intra Mantra” and “Kali’s Hunger”. My favourite is “Destroying the Seeds of Karma”. I cannot find lyrics for this song as of yet, but once I do I will return and post them. I do hear Shiva in the chant, tho.

    Support the band:


  5. Again I find that the more enlightened a band is, the deeper the effect of the music long before the words are understood or anything about the band is known. I don’t have to know anything about them to know that the members of Enshine, Jari Lindholm (Sweden) and Sebastian Pierre (France) are our Brothers. The genre is atmospheric or ambient doom/death, but make no mistake, there’s only love here. Quite an accomplishment for only two people, this album “Origin”, as well as their newest album “Singularity”, is art in perfection. Excellent solos, mature vocals, choirs and piano, there’s nothing I can pick apart about either album. Exquisitely tender moments foretelling the love that awaits, mixed with the growls of the struggle of being human combine to create a promise to the listener: that magic that comes from letting go of thoughts and embracing Forever.
    The music allows us to be exactly as we are, yet reaches out a hand of wonder that we may stand in the universe with it and learn to echo its hope.
    I was having a hard time when I put this on yesterday. Upheavals in my family were dragging me down into depression. This album, Origins, held my hand and walked me through it. I’ve been listening nonstop for two solid weeks now and it just keeps getting better. This song describes the exact spot on which I stand. Let me share it with you.

    Support the artist:


    On a road, alone
    I stray in the distance
    I’ve left my life above
    Into haze

    And I walk
    Further nowhere
    And I wander
    In what’s left of me

    Where the sky shines stronger
    Across the amber clouds
    Where the tide turns deeper
    Along the lakes of hope
    I’m dawning in a serene world

    No more tied to time
    No longer aimed to fall
    No more howling past
    No longer in a fading role

    Where the sky shines stronger
    Across the amber clouds
    Where the tide turns deeper
    Along the lakes of hope
    I’m dawning in the Afterglow


  6. Behold Amiensus from Minnesota, USA. The album cover speaks loudly of what lies within. The band is well constructed and produced. The song, In the vein of melodic death, hovers above man, sharing its sorrow yet pointing towards hope.

    Support the artist:

    What Words Create

    Behold mortality, my strongest foe
    I cannot understand thy nature
    Who would question the light? A secret of thine
    Dreamt into being, this darkness cannot prevail

    Who would question the bright?
    Darkness shall not succeed
    Yet his beguilement seduces defeat
    Casting all rules aside, unwilling to lose

    In darkness, relentless, I fight for myself
    In madness, defenseless, seek sanity
    With wisdom, in gladness, for fear of my sight
    Arise to reveal a path to paradise

    What words create, life takes away
    And reveals the disguise
    Left here to uncover a secret of yours

    The fleeting motion, of what we can’t see
    Shadows hide bleak scars that run deep
    And yet we all find comfort inside
    Here beneath our insanity

    A damaged façade
    Hiding from the world
Escape this reality
    Dreamt into being

    Thus as we speak this fractured litany
    Our illusions become icons and gods
    The essence of being denies our fallacies
    For the axiom of infinity cares not for the awareness of man.


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