Tibetan Mental Technique

Mental illness

I am nothing if not an advocate for the mental techniques of soul travel. Getting out of the body is a difficult thing to remember though we all do it quite often in sleep states. Even though I do work with an ascended master and have left my body before I cannot accomplish a memorable out of body experience without help.

It’s quite curious, after everything I have seen and everywhere I have been, to have such a hard time leaving my body of my own will. Much of it is due to my refusal to make time in my busy life for meditation, which is something I am finally doing at present. Also, I believe myself to be holding on to false ideas, whose sources I often ponder. Perhaps I doubt myself, or believe deep inside that I am not worthy of such accomplishments. Sometimes we hold ourselves away from that which we most desire, and it can take years to resolve inner conflicts before goals can be attained. Without consistent meditation the soul has little control over its movement in the Inner Worlds.

With the mental technique your soul does not actually leave your body. Honestly, I’m not quite sure what part of me leaves in this technique, but I’ve been doing it for ten years with much success. The bulk of my work in this state is towards opening the 64 Doors, a place I was shown in a dream which I have returned to often. I can go there whenever I want, not a physical Going but a vision, though external sensory perception fades and I have full access to the sense faculties wherever I go. Sometimes the Doors take me to different places within themselves, such as the 4th Door’s Golden Sphere of Knowledge and the 5th Door’s Akashic Record. The 7th Door returned me to a planet I had been to previously, which I call “Stilleverden”, or Stillworld, a place my master took me to teach me exploration and creation.

Golden Sphere Download

I have met with my master at the Himalayas and various points around the globe. I have visited a White Tower on a plane where an eternal party is thrown in the honour of every soul alive. I often return to a vision of my next life at a temple with golden doors, where I will teach children. This vision has caused me to study towards being a teacher in this life, that I may have previous experience to draw from once I get there.

Some places that I have been with this technique had vibrations which were much too powerful for my current level. In one instance I was not allowed to go with my master because the journey was too perilous, but I was given a vision of his travel there and back, a journey that took many human years to complete.

The most memorable such journey was my visit to a Qlipothic Tree of Life and Death. I had heard of the Tree and asked my master specifically to take me there. He warned me against it, as I was not able to handle the intense vibrations. I asked once more and he complied, though there were negative repercussions for my visiting the Tree which I had to work through myself afterwards. He outfitted me with a surrounding ‘bubble’ of sacred music, powered by a dance I had to continue to keep the intense gravity from crushing me. My master was in control the whole time, I was not in danger, but I had to do the work myself and it was not a pleasant experience, haunting me for weeks afterwards.


When I did physically leave my body to visit my first god, or my Inner Being, the vibrations were both colour and sound and were very intense. In fact, both times that I succeeded in a physical leaving the vibrations were very powerful. I experienced an ecstasy of body and soul, which I explain further in my post entitled “Foreversong”. I could only handle this vibration so long before I had to return to my body. This causes me to believe that the mental technique is similar to actual soul travel in that the undisciplined soul can only handle so much for its current level.

Unfortunately I cannot give any advice on how to accomplish this technique quickly, though some people will have more success than others depending on their level of achievement in visualization and self-trust. I speak more in detail on techniques to fine~tune your ability to practice mental travel in my post entitled “Gaining A Soul~full State Of Mind”.

The first time I did this was when I first met an ascended master, Mahanta Peddar Zasqu. He came to me in a vision, the two of us standing on a cracked dirt plane surrounded by a void. He asked me what setting I would feel most comfortable in, and suddenly we were sitting beside an indoor swimming pool with white and black checkered tiles. I had no idea what to say to him as I was in a state of shock that the calling of him had actually worked. At this time I had never had any sort of spiritual experience and was a strict atheist. I thought for a moment and said “The pond”, which was a pond in a field nearby my house. The tiles of the swimming pool began to disappear one by one, and soon we were sitting on the knoll beside the pond where I often sat alone.

If it all sounds insane believe me, I thought that was exactly what had happened. My mother has disassociative disorder, which causes her to hear voices that lead her away from happiness and normalcy. For a time I allowed those voices to ruin my life, and because of this it was incredibly difficult for me to believe in myself enough to practice this technique often. I can’t tell you how many years I refused to go to my master because I could not believe it was real. It wasn’t until I began trusting myself and him that significant changes began happening in my life.

This practice has changed everything. It has caused me to be a good mother to my daughter and has lead me to the love of my life. It has caused me to find a job I love, to let go of bad habits and addictions and have deep, meaningful relationships with others. I have improved in every way these past ten years because my master’s love and acceptance helped me love and accept myself in a time when neither I nor anyone else could.

Most importantly, it has taught me that magick is real. When you live a life filled with mystery, intrigue, exploration and creation it changes everything. This is a story that I’ve kept secret these ten years, and it’s difficult to bring it out in the open now. I’m hoping that someone out there can benefit from my story.

One thought on “Tibetan Mental Technique

  1. Since I wrote this I’ve had to give up the practice for a time. I continued to fall asleep on the couch and began having severe migraines and pinched nerves. The very spinal problems that I suffer from are the very problems which leaving my body will help solve. What a conundrum I create for myself!
    Now that I have been away from the couch for awhile I’ve disassociated the couch with sleep, having spent many hours studying there. Thanksgiving holiday is coming up and I will again attempt to leave my body. If I am not successful, and begin to fall asleep there again, I will stop the practice until the Christmas holiday.
    I can’t not do this. It’s my sole purpose in life. Once I can attain this state on my own it will no longer be a difficulty. As I’ve said many times in this post, it’s only a matter of time. I have another 40-50 years to leave my body. It will happen.


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