What I love about this website is that my humanity is so visible to you. As I change I do so before your very eyes. Through your eyes I can see all my flaws, my own mistaken beliefs or muddy thought processes. I want it this way; to be human for you. Each of us is a universe all our own, and no two have the same experience. What is true for me may be entirely untrue for you, and that’s okay. I am not here to convince anyone that my universe is real, nor to start some kooky religion of which I am the leader. I’m just a recluse in the woods, trying to make sense of my experience. I respect your universe as real relative to you, and absolutely real through you.

Though there is not yet a repeatable, research-able scientific method in place to study spiritual phenomena, it is in this direction that we are headed, whether or not the factions involved are excited about the cross~over. This can certainly be understood, as science has fought long and hard to wrench itself back from the veritable abyss of religion’s control over it, as far back as Descartes. Belief systems can, also, all too easily be misinterpreted, with truths altered based on personal preference, judgment and false ideas without fact. Thus, until now, spirituality has been as oil floating atop the water of a scientific structure that must remain rigorous and pure.

Many of today’s greatest teachers are speaking about science in spiritual ways, and scientists are increasingly finding the limits of what can be explained physically. It is my hope to eventually be a part of this movement to unify the two, to further an understanding of consciousness, the power of thought and how it affects our universe. My life is a research project, working tirelessly every hour of every day to explore how my own vibrational frequencies literally alter the world around me. To speak of such things in scientific circles is to be alienated, but many brave and highly-esteemed scientists, such as Roger Penrose, are not afraid to discuss consciousness and explore how to explain it with science. Their credentials help give validity to their words. Until I have gained my doctorate, all I can do is chronicle my non~physical experiences with science in mind. As I learn science I will employ it where I can.

As for experience, I have been acolyte to Mahanta Dap Ren since 2005, who continues the teachings of the ancient Tibetan Bourcharan Masters. With his guidance I have visited the planes of vibration, walked between dimensions and explored uninhabited worlds in the universe, not to mention the worlds of my own imagination. Reality and imagination are two sides of the same coin, as it turns out. I engage both, attempting to make a map of human words to explain that nothing in our minds, on Earth or in the universe is without purpose.

You will find that many of my posts have the same themes; learning to live moment by moment and regaining control of the mind, which is the first of building blocks towards being able to traverse the non~physical. I am becoming aware that we are not our ever~shifting physical representations or the roles they play on planet Earth. I’m learning that our greatest challenges, what we call suffering, are our most potent opportunities for change. I am learning how to accept responsibility for my suffering, and to use my most troubling times to advance personally. I am learning that our thoughts are tools with which we shape our world for better or worse; that matter literally changes shape when living subtly.

I am your sister. Welcome.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Darji was not a scientist per se. He was very knowledgeable in the field of electronics. He probably knew more about the atom than today’s physicists know. He taught the science of the sound current and total awareness.


    • Indeed! He was physically (as Darji) and is now non-physically (as Dap Ren) the sound current and total awareness that he continues to teach. By becoming something, we can explain it in a way that theoretical assumptions about it cannot.
      If we can learn to use non-physical states to discover the universe and explain it scientifically, we can usher in a new era of physics that is based on something real, not theoretical. We don’t even need to explain that we made discoveries out of body, rather we can create a physics that explains our discovery. It is not essential that we do this, but it is my calling, with Dap Ren as my guide. Thank you for your words<3


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