The main point of working these methods is to divert your mind towards the mystic experience and away from the negativity we focus on in daily life on Earth. Anything that diverts your attention away from negativity is allowing you to vibrate on a more positive frequency, which in turn attracts more positive experiences. Every chance we get we should experience the mystical, in whatever fashion. The more we practice these techniques the more prepared for the Next we are. Leaving physical life without any knowledge of the possibilities that await may result in a return to physicality, thus the spirit seeking to sidestep the physical experience should familiarize him/herself with the tools necessary to exist on non-physical planes.

Watch Yourself Sleep


When laying in bed ready for sleep, focus on a point above you on the ceiling. Imagine yourself looking back down at you from that viewpoint. Using what you know about your surroundings completely create an image in which you are looking down at yourself and your bedroom. Focus on putting each end table in place, the lamp or books or personal items that are on the table. Imagine what colour the floor is in darkness. Feel free to open your eyes and look around if you’re not sure what something looks like. Take as little or as much time as you can, and don’t fight sleep. You may even find this process helps you go to sleep faster, and that is okay. Do whatever you have time for each night.

When you feel comfortable with creating a complete picture of yourself in bed, imagine turning and looking through the eaves of the roof and out at the sky. Draw upon your knowledge of any constellations that may be there for whatever time of year it is. Feel free to look at constellation maps to gain a better understanding.

Eventually you may wish to explore further. Look at maps of where you want to go or just fly aimlessly across the sky. It helps to first go places that you’re familiar with, but true projection doesn’t require knowledge of a place to go there. Try saying the name of a thing, be it a friend’s house or a city across the globe. Stay still inside yourself and wait for images to come up. You might be surprised at how accurate your images are, but if they are not it doesn’t matter.



If you are ever where birds are, you can use the mental technique to see through their eyes. Begin by simply imagining what it might look like through the bird’s eye. Even as they pass out of view stay with them, imagining that you are them looking down at the landscape. Imagine the colours of cars that it flies over. Try to create the most vivid, realistic image that you can. I find that smaller birds are more difficult to look through than larger birds such as owls, hawks and vultures. Vultures are the easiest to look through, they generally allow me in quite willingly. It seems hawks are less willing to allow you in than other birds, but the vulture is my personal symbol, so perhaps that is only my experience.

Keep in mind that there is no definite direction to a bird in the way of up/down/left/right like we know it. Work on being in the sky as a bird does, where you can feel comfortable dipping and diving, changing course in an instant, rising and falling. A bird knows the ground by the familiar tops of trees or buildings as well as the ground-level view of them. Work towards learning to see the world in this way.

Leave Yourself Behind


This technique is best used when you are in a vehicle, be it driving on your own or a city bus, train or plane. Begin by making your physical body your focus, leaving yourself at a spot that you wish and watching yourself drive by or away from you. The more you practice the more concrete the vision will become. Eventually you can hold yourself at any place even after “you” are gone. When you are ready for this you can start creating a concise reality from the various senses that exist there. What does the ground at your feet feel like? What does it smell like there? How does the wind or sun feel on your face? If there are people walking by, try imagining them up-close, their glasses glinting in the sunlight, the crackling of the bags they are holding, the sounds of their footsteps as they pass you.

You can also choose to fly from that place and catch up with your car. You can imagine flying directly out your own window, watching yourself drive. The more you practice this technique the more you can begin to explore close by or far away at will. Driving becomes a thing of wonder and excitement, and you’ll focus less on the actions of other drivers around you.

No more tears from the moone


Imagine that you are sitting on the moon looking back at your home world. If you can’t get an image of it in your mind’s eye, simply look at the picture as if it were what you were seeing. Leave everything about Earth behind, take nothing with you. Think about everything that you left behind on Earth. Think about what the Earth represents to you. Consider the fact that all the pain and suffering that you felt there has not followed you to the moon. Try and pinpoint the things about Earth that are the most painful to you. Think about them and what they mean, where the core issue of each one is derived. Think about the major players in your story of pain and your interactions with them on Earth.

Suffering is a state of mind. It’s nothing that is being done to you, it’s something you are doing to yourself, in every instance. Think about the reasons why you suffer when you live on Earth. Think about those who hurt you and what lesson they represent. Try to think about how you might benefit from the suffering you feel when you’re living on Earth, all those places where suffering gains you compassion for others or allows you to keep from taking certain actions, for example.

You’ll find that it is so simple to leave everything behind and sit on the moon. Feel what it feels like to be completely alone on the moon, no other life present but your own. Think about who the “you” on the moon is, inside, all those beautiful parts of you that others often cannot see, those parts that you take for granted when you’re in the midst of society, swayed by obsessions and emotions due to the sometimes-overwhelming input available.

Use your time on the moon to nurture all the things about yourself that are beautiful. You’ve heard people suggest making lists of things that you love about yourself. It really helps to do this. Look for everything about yourself that is kind, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, beneficial, sincere, centered, and let those feelings grow inside you. You deserve to understand how beautiful you really are, and you need to take time to find those gifts that you, alone, possess, beyond the human life you lead, for it is these things that you will carry with you when you go.

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