Experience: The Great All~That~Ever~Is

Here you go, the answers to every question ever asked. Wrap your mind around it, if you dare. I believe I may have to watch it another 19 times before I can even begin to comprehend the depths of…well, any of it.

It explains the physics of what time is (and is not). It explains that everything around us is mirrors of ourselves, and that we are only experiencing the world through our own eyes; that colours are not colours but in our own minds, that voices are nothing more than vibrations we give texture and tone, that even the words on this page, rejected by some and embraced by others, are meaningless but for the meanings we design them to take. It touches on the actuality of inifity, timelines versus spacelines, and all that science currently theorizes about parallel dimensions. Once you are done with this video you look around and realize you’ve entered an alien atmosphere as an explorer in a dimension unfamiliar to you where nothing is as it seems.

This idea of the physics of consciousness, as well as the ‘hard problem’ of it, is very controversial. Whether or not you buy any of it is your choice. This is one of many current theories of man. I think I can safely say that anyone who has knowledge of these ideas scientifically, or has experienced other planes or dimensions; anyone who has had a ‘religious experience’ can attest to the fact that there is much more that we, as phyiscal beings, don’t know than what we know. Without any concrete evidence of your own you cannot discount these facts, nor can any of us account for them other than personal experience. I will say that my personal out of body experiences, written about in the post Foreversong, have proven much of this to be on the right track. For me this is but the tip of the monolith, these concepts I have had no previous experience with.

I will be the first to admit that I am not unlike a caveman, holding a stick in each hand. I have put the sticks side by side and learned to add. One plus one equals two. This video has put two sticks together as well and has come up with many of the same conclusions that I have, though of course my conclusions are much the basic versions of ideas presented here.

I consider myself a unique candidate for many unbiased conclusions. I have spent most of my life a hermit. I have not grown up with television. I have not watched the news, reality shows, talk shows or listened to the radio. I have not spent my life reading books or pondering the great philosophers. I am largely clueless about the state of the world. I don’t shop at the mall, I don’t have friends that I meet for drinks who talk about current affairs. Some people who know me have been hurt by my reclusiveness, and for that I am sorry. Over 40 years I have come to accept that this is what I am, despite years of guilt over not being more sociable and the repercussions of my way of life upon my family and friends.

Many may think my life to be useless, uneducated, out~of~touch and even criminally selfish and uncompassionate. However, those who know me best would disagree. I have dedicated my life to working on myself, even in the midst of profound mistakes and utter chaos. While others have attended to the outer world, and have gained much materiality that I do not have, I have worked only on the inner world. In the end, working on oneself is the greatest way to be of any benefit to others. This much I know for a fact to be true.

Now that I have come out into the world I touch and am touched by those who I would have only caused suffering before. Now that I am on the internet and attending college, reading books, learning things, I find that many of the conclusions I have come to, utterly devoid of outside influence, are being proven by a group of people more vast than I ever could have imagined. Perhaps these people are the frings, and do not share the widely~agreed~upon opinion of the mass, but I only wish to be a part of this. I’m not trying to force my views on anyone, merely share my thoughts with like minds.

Having given my disclaimers, you will take from this video what you will.

Quantum Physics and Consciousness

I’ve just found this video today and it blew my mind.

These past couple of years have been spent moving towards a degree in astrophysics in order to have access to the physical proofs of what I have experienced in astral travel and soulwork in general. I’ve been hoping that the more I learn about the universe, the more I can find answers to some of mankind’s most unanswered questions. I want to be on the forefront of the movement, to find ways to prove that consciousness is, in fact, scientific; entering into the workforce as a non~physical creature searching for the connections between science and soul, while keeping to a strict honesty within myself, as unclouded by my own beliefs and ideologies as is possible.

The importance of the secrecy of my intent is that science still needs proof derived through non~’religious’ eyes. If I were to step into the physics community spouting ‘new age’ jargon about vibrational frequencies and light as the gods that we are, I would not only destroy my chance to be acknowledged as a viable equal amongst them but would hold myself back from beneficial relationships and opportunities that would be available to me were I to keep my true intentions veiled.


While I admire those like Peter Russell who speak about the science of spirit openly, I feel that there is a time and place for all things. Russell’s recounts of Copernicus, Galileo and Newton remind me that there is a point to a cautious approach.

“Copernicus came up with his idea, but the establishment then was the church and he wouldn’t even publish because he was scared of what the church would say. When…Galileo, 70 years later, looked through his telescope and came up with evidence to support Copernicus, it’s said the cardinals refused to look down the telescope because they knew he must be wrong. And it was, really, another 70 years after that when Newton came along and did the mathematics and proved it was right that the idea got accepted.”

Though I am hardly in danger of being tortured and hanged like those that have come before me, the science of soul is still a very taboo subject. Being a newly~arrived apprentice to these brilliant minds, I am hesitant to ask any questions or offer any of my own theories.

Quantum Physics

This video is much about quantum physics, yet simple enough for the layperson to understand. It breaches subjects that range from the conscious states of plants and animals to a brief analysis of verifiable evidence that the universe, itself, is arranged in such a way that every natural act is that of it discovering itself again, from a cosmic level down to the hot soil we call home. Russell explains it all in the common tongue, devoid of new age jargon that I, myself, am often imprisoned by.

For instance, I speak a lot of the illusion of human existence. To me, this doesn’t mean that life is literally an illusion, rather that if someone believes that any part of life is set in stone and unchangeable, or that outside forces beyond their control dictate their life story, they are imprisoned by the illusion of lack of control that most of mankind suffers from. But Russell reminds me that there is nothing illusory about life because consciousness is relative, completely real to the experiencer. If someone believes they have no control it is not an illusion: they literally have no control. He goes further to say that whether or not it’s all an illusion, the single thing that can be said to be real is that we are experiencing. This is something I’ve considered often.

quantum multiverse

After having listened to this a couple of times I am considering leaning away from astronomy and more towards quantum physics. To live my daily life immersed in theories of multiple universes and matter would be a dream come true. Russell explains that it is the quantum field of physics which has proven that nothing is set in stone, that energy is all that exists in the universe, and that randomness and symmetry are equal companions in the grand scheme. This fact was suggested with the discovery of the Higgs boson, a particle whose weight lay almost exactly between the weights proposed by both those who believe that the universe exists in perfect harmony (Super-Symmetry) and those who believe that chaos is an inevitable (Chaos Theory). For more on this subject watch the awe~inspiring documentary “Particle Fever”, directed by Mark Levinson.

What was most fascinating to me was his discussion of quantum physics’ continued considerations of matteras a creation of consciousness. No one knows what matter is made of, and particles are not actually ‘particles’. In the vacuum of interstellar space, particles sometimes emerge from nothing and disappear again from whatever place they came. There’s so much we still don’t know.


There’s so much in this video, so many things I’ve wondered at. Definitely worth an hour of your time should you be so inclined.