Dreamwork On The Go

What's Out There

Dreamwork can allow you to find answers to daily problems, realize new avenues of interaction in your relationships with others and discover the true intentions that lie behind your conscious thought processes. Dreams can give us prophetic advice from the most mature, detached aspects of the psyche, removed from misleading thoughts and emotions which surpress and bias the natural wisdom we possess. Many spiritual masters have met their gurus in the dreamstate. This is how my own master was taught all he knows. This is as important a time as waking, when much advancement can be made while the body revives itself.

We’re spend one third of our lives asleep. These steps can not only help you go to sleep faster and sleep better but retain as much of your dreams as you can with the least effort, which can then be used as positive focus when daily life gets stressful. By gaining as many short techniques as we can, we keep ourselves stocked with an ordinance of tools to draw upon when outside influences threaten to shake our resolve during daylight hours.

When considering any technique, one must first realize it’s best to tailor it to your personal style and preference. If I tell you to imagine a white light and you prefer blue light, imagine blue light instead. Each one of us creates our own methods which make sense to us, those symbols that are natural to our specific design. Your imagination has no limits, take advantage of this fact any chance you can. If one technique doesn’t seem to be working for you, move to another. Often the effort of the attempt will cause you to fall asleep.


One technique you can do during the day that’s quick and easy will prepare you for dreaming at night. Pick a word you hear often at work, or an object you see often throughout the day, such as a printer or your own hands. Whenever you hear the word or see the object and you remember to do so, imagine that you are in a dream. Look around at the world as if it were a dream, filled with dream characters and events, telling yourself that you are dreaming. If you can, imagine what you would would do if it were a dream. This is a good technique to initiate lucid dreaming as well.

Kerouac Dream


Even if the only practice you have time for is relaxing every muscle, doing so enhances your ability to remember dreams, which you’ll find become more vivid than ever before. Though it looks from here to be a lengthy process, I often find I don’t get all the way through it before I fall asleep. Besides, consider what you would be doing before sleep on an average day. If you’re prone to falling asleep immediately upon laying down you might want to try another approach. But if you tend to worry or try not to think, focusing on the task of total relaxation will occupy your mind. Again, if you have a big presentation in the morning, something that you’re stressed out about and feel you should take every moment to work on, consider that studies show that you are actually less productive at this time, and that getting a good night’s sleep is the best way to be ready for the tasks of the morning.

First, get in the most comfortable position you can find. Beginning at the top of your head, make a conscious effort to relax the muscles of your scalp, breathing steadily as you go. Move to your forehead, taking time to relax those muscles until you feel there is no more tension. Move to your eyes, your nose, your cheeks, slowly making your way down your body. Deep breathing helps with the process.

Leave no muscle grouping out, focus on each section of your body; the neck, upper shoulders, upper chest front and back. When you get to the torso, relax the arm muscles that are parallel to those you are relaxing in your trunk. Work your way down your back, then past the belly and hands to the buttocks, thighs, calves and feet.

When you are all the way to the bottom, begin again. You can incorporate the “Whitescan” that I’ve suggested previously, imagining a white band of light that starts at the top of your head and moves slowly down your body, each muscle relaxing as it goes by. The more you practice this the more you will be amazed at how tense you are even when you thought you were relaxed. It’s quite a feat to be completely relaxed. The closer you get, the more you will feel yourself getting numb, as if you no longer have a body. This is a fine time to begin working towards leaving the body if you wish to do so, but if not try and stay as still as you can. Before you know it you will be waking up in the morning.

Lao Tzu Steps


If you attain complete relaxation and are still awake you can begin other tasks. If you are frustrated with not being able to sleep, try to remain focused on relaxation and create something. Often, moving from anxiety into enjoyment will relax you enough to drift off.

What would you like to dream about? Flying? Getting an A on the final or selling your most expensive piece of artwork? Meeting an ascended master? Go ahead, what are you waiting for? Imagine it happening. Create your own dream exactly as you would want it to be. Whatever you are worried about, imagine it going your way. Imagine the coming day’s events just as you would want it to work out for you. You can also take a dream memory from the night before, or one that you had years ago, and re~create it to end how you always wanted it to. Make it as vivid as you have time to, down to the exact colours that you want your clothing to be or which characters you want to have an intimate moment with. I find often that the process causes me to go to sleep, which is frustrating when you are attempting to stay awake and do dreamwork.

You can tell someone everything you’ve always wanted to tell them, but try not to pick scenarios that upset you unless you are willing to visualize them receiving the information in a way that releases you from the connotations involved. The more you work this method the more you will be shocked to find that sometimes dreams come true. It’s all about focusing your intent on what you desire to happen, and that can cross over into your waking hours. Daydreaming about things going your way is the actual gift of creation that you were designed to incorporate into physical life. Explore it to its maximum potential and you’ll find that there are no limits.



So many times I’ve tried to meditate before I sleep, only succeeding in passing out. Often, ‘meditation sleep’ causes me to have vivid dreams. It’s almost as if trying to be silent while your mind flashes through thoughts causes the brain to get tired.

This technique works best after total relaxation has been achieved. Once your body is to that ‘numb’ stage, focus on the central point behind your eyes that is most natural to you. Put all your focus on your breathing and allow your thoughts to come and go, adding no commentary, allowing them to pass by. If you realize you have been ‘caught by thought’, simply drop the thought in mid-sentence, returning to the darkness in your vision and to your breathing.


This technique is best used when you at last feel yourself falling asleep. All you have to do is drit off with this thought in your mind:

“I will remember where I’ve been when I wake up.”

Anything along those lines will do, as long as it is a firm acclamation, a commandment to your inner self, so to speak. Make it as simple and concise as possible.

Feel free to write your successes down on my page entitled “Dream Log.”

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