Music of the Soule


This is a page dedicated to the music of your life and the stories behind the songs which have meant the most to you.

Music is essential to many people’s spiritual growth. Music can be a method to advance from one ‘stage’ of epiphany and realization to the next. Admittedly, many of the songs which I would name as most beneficial to me would not be appreciated by most. I wonder about the power of music and whether it can be said to be relative to the listener alone or transformative for all, and whether or not this depends on the song.

It is my way to draw close to those songs which are solemn or ‘dark’, as they may be considered by many more happy listeners, but I’ve put something for everyone here.

If those of us headed towards ascension were to stand in the same room, the shibboleth of my appearance would most certainly stand out in the crowd. What makes me different than so many others who reach towards the Light? I think much of it is my purpose on Earth. From childhood I have felt the suffering of man inside me, others as well as my own. I long to be the release of that suffering, and the gift that is mine to give is the art of listening. Listening to the woes of others feeds me in some way, akin to the vulture which eats the remnants of life.

Vulture Darkness

When I was young I was angered by stories of Jesus because he was born able to hold the weight of man’s suffering and I was not. Sometimes it felt like the pain of man was breaking me in half. It wasn’t until I healed myself that I was able to bear the weight of others suffering and be of any benefit to them. In my silence people find themselves and accept themselves, merely by listening to their own spoken word.

I feel these songs to be powerful, releasing something inside us which needs to be grieved, something that will never cease lamenting the woes of man. The songs I pick for this page are the compendium of man’s poignancy as well as the promise of man’s joy.

In 2006 I was on MySpace a lot. I was just beginning to venture from a solely~metal appetite into the exploration of world music. I still felt as if my darkness was wrong and that, as a person on the long road to enlightenment, I needed to match my preference to society’s idea of light.

1. The first I found which called to me was Sadredin Taheri, a Sufi from Tehran, Iran. He wrote songs based on Rumi poems with a rock and blues~influenced style much different than other Persian musics. Over years I became good friends with Sadri, who is one of the purest human beings I have ever had the honour of knowing. His album Hidden Beloved can be bought on iTunes, and this album and his newest one can be heard on his MySpace page.

The first time I heard Sadri’s song “Yousof”, I cried for three days. Through me it seemed that the song sorrowed for every man and woman that had ever walked the Earth. When I was done crying a very large part of me had been healed, that part which wanted so badly to take all the horror the world has witnessed onto myself, to somehow bear the burden so that others would not have to.

To me, “Yousof” is the most sacred song of my lifetime thusfar. I have been out of body to this song, becoming an ectoplasmic part of the webbing of all life, billowed up to a plateau of clouds where the music, colours and the ecstasy of the Love of the Universe washed over me. The part beginning at 5:42, leading into the solo, is a drop in the waters of eternity, echoing out as, through it, I live every life that has ever been lived. Whatever I am doing when I hear this part, I do as every man or woman has, sharing one moment in timelessness throughout the ages.

This song has been by my side through trials and triumphs, always presenting itself when it is time to return to it. I’ve often wondered whether or not this song has spoken to others in such a way. Feel free to leave comments about your personal experience with it. Over years I lost touch with Sadredin but his music stays close to me.

Over many years, the song names have all been mixed up online and I’m not sure why. Thus “Khis ke Rastim Ma” is actually “Yousof”. If you speak Farsi and can translate this song for me, please help. I cannot find the Rumi poem this originated from and would very much love to know what it is saying.


2. Another example of the times rising up to meet us along the Path is Jeremy Soule. He is a composer who does music for video games, namely the XBOX series “Elder Scrolls”. Jeremy Soule’s music is on my phone. It’s something I listen to almost daily and have for some ten years now. When I was still an addict years ago, finding any way to escape the world, I lost myself in the Elder Scrolls series. Though I was using it to run away from my problems, I found that the music was helping to heal me, and living the life of the character I had created was showing me how to live in the waking world.

This is why we must not look to the future and think to ourselves that the world is going down the tubes. With each new era we are recreating circumstances for the next generations to either continue on with their incarnations or to reach towards enlightenment. With each new sorrow is the contrast of the desire to change, to be happy, and in each cave we hide in there is an entrance leading out, if we so wish. I look at the youth of today, hiding from the world in their phones and laptops, and see a different kind of lesson than has ever before been taught. Jeremy Soule meets them on their home ground, having open relations with all peoples on facebook and his other social media sites…but that subject is for another post.

One of my favourite pieces from him played in a vision I had about a possible future lifetime, which I now plan to move towards in the Next of Things. Every time I hear this song that life plays out behind my eyes, coming to the temple with golden doors where my Other and my master await. Walking across the marble~pillared walkway, entering and moving to the altar where my Other and I are initiated by our masters. Teaching in the temple, meeting together at lunch times beneath a white-barked tree by a stream that flows out towards a large river to the ocean. At one point there is a war that the temple is caught in the middle of, and we must all fight to protect it. I have had other dreams of this war as well. At the end of the vision I stand at the front of the classroom an old woman, pleased with my life. It wasn’t until months after this vision that I learned the name of the song: “Journey’s End”.


The intricate basket~weaving ability of Jeremy Soule and instruments is profoundly appreciated by all people who love the games his work is found on. New classical for a new generation, Soule has literally transformed a forgotten genre into a living thing once more, entirely palatable for kids of all ages, races and creeds. I believe this music heals even those who are unaware that it is playing in the background of the game. My Other and I play this music for his sons as they sleep at our house on the weekends. It is truly his gift to the world, what he was born to do. It is magic.


3. Norway’s native beliefs were based on polytheism, powered by runes the god Odin was given during a transcendental experience he had while hanging from the Yggdrasil Tree of Life. The runes have everything to do with the Great Journey and their meanings are profound. These ancient beliefs are beautiful, but were threatened by the Lutheran faith, adopted by the leaders of Norway in the 16th Century. The people were forced to worship a foreign god and denounce their own gods. Being that they are a proud, strong race, they did not take these demands lightly.

Einar Kvitrafn Selvik wanted to do justice to the first runes, the Elder Futhark, by recreating original instruments and languages of ancient Norge and creating music that would represent them honourably. He certainly did that. These songs have such a primal feel, often times mesmerizing with their chants, horns and drums. I believe that he and his co~creators, Gaahl and Lindy-Fay Hella could not have done a better job by so reverently adding a present~day feel to the meanings behind the runes. My runes are Raidho (the Journey) and Sowelu (the Sun). I didn’t even make the connection before I found that Wardruna’s song Sowelu was my favourite.



There are two albums thusfar from Wardruna, gap var Ginnunga and Yggdrasil. The last in the trilogy is yet to come. It is highly anticipated.

This band Enshine is someone I am just coming to know. This song is such a beautiful instrumental; often I put it on repeat when I am writing posts. There’s something cosmic about this band. Every song name is universal. I do not yet know the lyrics, but I can feel the purity of the message and the oneness in the music. Let it sink into you, if you will.




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