Practicing Silence

Eckhardt Tolle is one of those gurus that doesn’t teach from the viewpoint of any particular spirituality. His lessons are more about the pure practice of soul advancement than they are about a god or any particular Path.

In this video Tolle, in his precious, quiet way, explains how to practice silence at any point during the given day. This is practical advice that can be explored in any setting or atmosphere. This video gave me a better understanding of thought and why we think we need it. It explains why thought works so hard to be heard and goes in~depth on how to release ourselves from it bit by bit. Good stuff for those who don’t have a big chunk of meditation time in their schedule. Any bit helps.

One thought on “Practicing Silence

  1. Lately I’ve been learning how to turn thought off right in the middle of the most important thoughts of the day; the ones I think are most pertinent to think about. The small epiphanies, random, perfect poetic lines and profound universal truths. Isn’t it strange that all the most essential thoughts are equally unnecessary compared to silence? As Eckie says, try it sometime and watch what happens.


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