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From literal miracles to small synchronicities, amazing moments happen all the time to those who search for them. This page is for magical moments.


I mow and clean houses for people in addition to my profession to help fund my college experience. Yesterday I was on the way to mow a woman’s yard. Right before I got there she let me know that her brother was still asleep, so I told her I would run some errands and come back later. I had $4 in quarters and decided to cut across to the interstate and head back home, gather up some change and go grocery shopping. However, the $4 in change I planned to use for coffee, which I really couldn’t afford to do.

As I headed for the interstate I saw a young man on the corner with a sign. “Passing through, anything will help.” I thought to myself wow, I’m considering drinking coffee and he’s considering where his next meal will come from. I gave him the $4 and went home, gathered my change and went to the store. The groceries cost all but $4 of the money I had. After I dropped them off at home I went to mow the girl’s yard.

A series of unsatisfactory events occurred. The mower was broken and I butchered the yard because of it. The girl’s mother has been struggling with self-hate recently and was overly upset with me about the state of the lawn, not knowing that the mower was to blame. I had put some rugs in the washer before I left and the daughter hadn’t noticed them until a week later when they were mildewed.

By the time I left her house I was in a foul mood. Rarely are days so full of challenging relationships, and it made me feel bad about myself. This caused me to shift into a negative state of mind. I was going to visit my nephew and thought, ‘I am going to take this last $4 and get coffee’, kind of like a reward for having such a bad day. I headed to the coffee shop drive~thru. It’s one of those shops that don’t tell you how much anything costs until you get to the window, so I ordered and hoped my $4 would be enough.

As I was sitting there I observed the car in front of me. It was a college-age girl with a license plate holder that hailed a local baseball team. In my horrible mood I was thinking to myself that she probably only likes sports because she thinks she has to, or because everyone else likes it. My city is home to a famous college football team, so I see sports images and clothing everywhere.

Sports is not my thing. I think deep inside I have a negative view of it because of a belief that people shouldn’t waste their precious time on Earth getting lost in games and mindless distractions. On a good day I know this to be an absolute lie. Even the most spiritual people, way beyond my level of comprehension, like sports…the Dalai Lama is a great example. That’s the purpose of life on Earth, to live and enjoy it whatever that means to you. It is these false ideas that come out when we are not in alignment with who we really are inside.

I realized I was having a bad day and put on some of my favourite music, which began to calm me down. I looked at the girl in her side mirror and thought, maybe she has loved sports since she could walk. Maybe it was her dream to go to every game or even be a member of women’s league. Maybe it’s what she lives for, and who am I to judge that?!?

Her order was up, a tiny little coffee. She gave the woman her card and I thought, wow, she’s a college student like me, probably as broke as I am, but she gets a tiny little coffee and I’m getting the largest one I can(‘t) afford. I started thinking about frugality, feeling a bit ashamed as I drove to the window.

The woman handed me my drink and I asked how much I owed.

“Four dollars,” she said, “but don’t worry about it. The girl in front of you paid for yours.”

6 thoughts on “Good News Page


    Today I changed my dimension of perception in relation to a specific place.
    This is an important technique to improve upon, because all of us have places that we go that bring bad thoughts or uneasy feelings to the surface, such as the house in which we were abused. We can reset the way we feel about places by creating a new emotion there, turning a negative experience into a positive one.

    There is this particular stall in the physics building women’s restroom that has a comment scrawled in marker on the door.

    “My BF of 3 years left me when I was diagnosed stage 4. F***ked a guy on his birthday, had 3 dates since then (same guy). If one person doesn’t want you there are others who will!”.

    Needless to say I have judged this girl harshly. ‘Wow. So you’re admitting you are easy.’ ‘That’s logical (I….guess?).’ ‘Words of….wisdom?? Ha!’ Every time I go into that stall I think another negative thought. I’ve sent a picture of it to my sister, and we had a good laugh together. I’ve used it to build myself up, to think of how much better off I am than that girl.

    All this assuming that she is speaking to someone like me. What a fallacy.

    We are all on different levels here. We are all learning at whatever level we are on. It occurred to me today while in that stall that someone may very well have taken heart from that message. Someone very well may have gone into that stall to cry where no one else could see, to mourn the loss of someone dear to them, to exorcise sorrow from their soul from being treated badly or tossed aside. Perhaps, through wet lashes, that someone just happened to look up and see that message as if it were written specifically for her. Perhaps she has returned to that stall specifically, because it gives her hope or returns her to the memory of a bad place that was made good by those words. Maybe she sees all the joy that has replaced that day of sorrow.

    Not one of us has a right to judge the vehicle of truth, in any of its forms. With this realization my own visits to this stall will change in the future. I will no longer go there to mock the she that wrote it, but to celebrate the joy that she found when she moved on from heartbreak.

    As the kids once said: You go, girl.


  2. ~*The Wool Rug*~

    I have been full of negativity lately, and it shows. I am sicker than ever, fatter than ever, poorer than ever; all indicators that I am not creating the reality that is rightly mine. Those of us who believe in the concept of self~creation often find ourselves terror~stricken when realizing that we are once more headed down the road that negativity builds. We wax and wane like the moon mesmerizing the tide.
    I get Abraham Hicks daily quotes on my phone which remind me of the direction I am attempting to head. The other day this is what it said:

    “Achieve, first, the vibrational essence of your desire — and then, through the crack of least resistance the manifestation will be delivered… work on the essence of the feeling of freedom; work on the essence of the feeling of empowerment — work on the essence of the feeling of Well-Being… And how do you do that? You can imagine it already having happened and pretend what it will feel like when it is that way. Or, you can look for things in your life that are already like that and beat the drum of that until they play a higher percentage of time in the vibrational signal that you are emanating.”

    It reminded me that I haven’t created anything significant but lack and poverty in my life for several months now. So I decided to start focusing my thoughts away from the stressful situation I’ve gotten myself in and towards something beneficial.
    I was due to have a Thanksgiving get~together at my house. As I was cleaning and getting ready for company I noticed once more that the living room is cold because I have no rug on top of the feaux wood floor. Large rugs are very expensive if you want something of a good quality, and even moreso if you want something that is unique; a rug that deviates from the typical floral patterns and common colours most often seen. Without even really believing that I was going to miraculously get money for a rug I thought about having one, about everyone coming to my house and sitting comfortably on a large rug on the floor. And then I didn’t think of it for another couple of days.
    There is an older couple that I clean house for. The $50 dollars that I was going to receive for cleaning that day before Thanksgiving was the only money I would have to buy food. The moment I walked in to their house they informed me that they were going to give me the wool rug that they had replaced because their dog had left several stains on it. I was amazed, because I have loved that rug since I first saw it. It’s a six~by~twelve~foot wool rug with a delicate design that’s not particularly floral or typical. Not only that, but it’s the exact colours of my living room.
    Me and my Other hauled it home and it was almost too large for the living room. We stuffed it under the couch (a gorgeous, expensive leather couch set given to us by my Other’s parents). The five doggy stains on it just so happened to be directly beneath the coffee table, invisible to those who did not know they were there.
    When everyone showed up for Thanksgiving I felt so amazed and humbled, that I had created so quickly and effortlessly. It’s so easy to forget how simple it is to create the exact life you want, with the exact specifications you desire. All you have to do is dream and believe.


  3. ~*Christmas Gifts*~

    Because I am a tradesman, work tends to get slow over the winter. Every Christmas I am as poor as I can be, which leaves no money for gifts. My family doesn’t believe in expensive Christmas gift~giving, because we recognise that it’s nothing more than a habit of capitalism’s excess and means nothing in light of what the holiday, itself, represents.
    Still, there is a sense of tension in our household because my young boys, my step~children, have a family on their mother’s side who showers them with many expensive gifts for Christmas. Despite this they are amazingly humble, glad for any little gift that we give them, but we still feel pressure to produce, which is our issue alone to move past.
    My Other had the money this season to give them each a nice amount to spend at whatever store they chose, but my own daughter’s present would be hard to come by….not that she wanted one, but that I really wanted to get her a particular gift that I knew she would like.
    The first good thing that happened was that my boss gave me a Christmas bonus. Not only that, but it was two weeks earlier than expected. Due to a mishap at the bank, money taken from my account by a company mistakenly, the entire bonus was taken from me. Some of it would be returned, but a good bit of it was not returned, through no fault of my own. I was really upset about it, money just disappearing like that. But I had to remind myself that no matter how poor we are, there is always enough. Always.
    The next time I saw my daughter she had just been paid by both her jobs and had a lot of money. She reminded me of some money she had borrowed and returned it, which made up for the money that had been taken from my account.
    We had planned on making a Christmas meal for a few friends and family. I made a small list, but food is expensive these days and the groceries cost almost $100. Again I was worried. I had ignored some bills in order to make a good Christmas for my family, and that hundred dollars really cut in to the little I had left. Again, I reminded myself that all is well, always and in all ways.
    The last day before Christmas that the mail would come, I got a notice from my electric company. Nervous, I opened the envelope to find a $100 check.
    I am part of a “co~op”. The company that gives me electricity makes members of all of its customers. Any excess money that they didn’t need at the end of the year they return to the customers. I always forget about that check until it arrives in the mail.
    Christmas went well. We made our little meal and more people came than we planned, but there was enough for everyone. Christmas is a reminder of being kind to others, so in that way the holiday, for me, was fulfilled.


  4. ~*Abundance*~

    I tend to keep myself in a state of poverty because deep inside, I believe that if I were to have all the money I needed I would become insensitive and numb to the suffering of the world. Of course, ths is not true, but inside me I believe it. This is something I’m working on lately, considering that once I graduate I will be making twice what I have ever made in this lifetime.
    Due to a series of events, my Other and I have been particularly low on funds recently. We live on anywhere from $20-$60 a week after bills (a large amount in some countries, but not America), which we use for gas and food. Generally, being poor does not bother me, but we are months behind on the house payment and the lawn mower is broken. A new one would be thousands of dollars, as we have at least an acre to mow each week.
    Due to my recent negative state of mind we have been poorer each week it seems, and until the past week I’ve not been able to bring myself out of it. This week I was going to have nothing to eat for lunches and I wasn’t sure I’d have enough gas to get to work and back.
    The past couple of days I’ve really been feeling how abundant we actually are…as souls. We are part of the universe, and I don’t mean that in the “new age” way. Scientifically, to look into the universe is to see everything in abundance, working in its perfect order and form. Conservation is a fact of the cosmos, and we are, as you’ve heard so often, made of the very same ingredients that compose it.
    The past couple of days it has made all the sense in the world that, if everything in the universe works just as it should, everything in MY universe works just as it should…except for when I don’t allow it. When I think of life as energy, and myself as a pathway that the energy of life travels, I can understand how being empty applies to allowing the energy of life to flow through me. If energy is all that life consists of, and we use that energy to mould forms for ourselves for poverty or abundance, I can see how trusting the universe as part of my self is knowing that anything I need is literally already there, waiting on me to open myself up to it.
    I’ve been able to hold silence by listening to Eckhardt Tolle videos on YouTube constantly throughout the day. After two solid days of silence and surrender I began feeling that aweful state in which the euphoria of AllThatIs began taking me in its reverie, and abundance began to flow in. In three days time I made $1800 with this technique ~~not only that, but I am swimming in the bliss of the universe, each breath indescribably exquisite, which is more payment than anything~~.

    1. My boss offered to do my taxes for me unexpectedly. I’m getting almost two thousand dollars back.
    2. He asked if I’d help him with his mother’s house this weekend, as she’s suddenly been moved to a nursing home. He payed me $50 to clean her house for 4 hours.
    3. I found a month~old check in my car for $60.


  5. There have been so many wonderful things happening all at once recently that I need to write it all down before I forget some of it. After having listened to Eckhardt Tolle videos all day long for days (my profession can be done wearing headphones), I can allow my thoughts to float by without making them who I am. Any issues that arise in my life are met with positivity and a deep, internal knowing that they will resolve themselves in the least stressful fashion.
    These past days, and for the first time ever, I can comprehend why the masters say that everything truly is okay and that a way is already made. Quite often I reach these pinnacles only to fall from them again, but the more times I awaken further the less I worry about falling asleep again. It’s a wax and wane kind of learning, and I am only honoured to be taking on the task.
    It is common knowledge that the future doesn’t really exist, but in this state I sense that my “future” is only going to be better than this, thus it is more important to me to hold this state of acolythistic silence…and I find that I can. So many amazing results, let’s see if I can recall them all…

    1. When faced with overwhelming bills, I sighed with a smile (instead of worrying) every time my thoughts tried to bring them up. I felt deep in my heart that they were already paid for, though I was off work for the better part of two weeks. I would sigh to myself because I was so relieved that I “didn’t have to worry about those”. My daughter, who has just recently moved back home for a couple of months, payed them all with money she had been saving up, so that I could use what little I had left to fix the lawnmower.

    2. My lawnmower broke ~ again, it’s old and pre~used ~ and there are not many people who fix riding mowers in my city. Those who do are known to charge extravagant amounts of money to fix them. My boss randomly asked if I had done my taxes. I had not because I was under the impression that I would not get much back, or would have to pay in. He offered to do it for me and came to $1400! But it was past the April deadline, so the money wouldn’t come for another six to eight weeks, and the grass would be so high by then that it would break the lawnmower again.
    Every time I thought about the waist~high grass I imagined it neatly mown and sighed, thinking “Aah, it feels so nice to have that taken care of.” Within two weeks the income tax money inexplicably was deposited in my account. The income tax money was also enough to buy four new tires for my Other, who desperately needed them.

    3. As if there weren’t enough going on, my brakes began showing signs of wear. For once in my life I didn’t even complain about it, I just imagined it being fixed and sighed, having that big weight lifted off of my shoulders. About a week after they started squealing a friend of mine came to visit. The first thing he mentioned was that he just discovered that changing brakes by himself is so easy, and that he would gladly show me how whenever I want. Somehow this triggered a memory in me that I hadn’t remembered for ages…that I had a new box of brake pads under the seat of my car. I have paid for new pads twice in the several years I’ve had those and have never remembered they were there. Considering that my Other’s new tires, the lawnmower and bills took up all the income tax money, it was amazing to realize that I would now have new brakes put on for free.

    3. My brother has been sentenced to a shocking 45 years in prison for the most heinous crime known to man: child molestation. Being that he is the pinnacle of honesty and integrity to all who know him, this injustice is inconceivable; the better part of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit. We have all jumped on the bandwagon of proving him innocent but have found little with which to defend him, as if fate itself has destined for this to be. And yet, my sisters and I have known that he would see justice. We have all dedicated ourselves to staying positive about the matter.
    The other day I began the morning on a wrong note; something made me angry and I could feel the rest of my day taking shape around that. Having been so positive for so long, the anger felt physically sickening, unnatural in every sense of the word. I found I was able to easily rise above the thought processes that were nudging me in the wrong direction, and was soon humming and enjoying my work. Twenty minutes later my sister called and said the judge had reversed his decision, effectively reducing my brother’s sentence 20 years. We will appeal for the rest!

    It is easy to see all these things and think “Yes, but the good end to each tale was bound to happen anyway!”. But in all honesty, whether or not these good things would have happened anyway is beside the point. The point is that, through each challenge that life offers, I am learning not to add any worse outcomes to what already happens. Things will “go wrong” in life from time to time. It’s up to us to stay positive and enjoy living no matter what. Stress and worry only kill us faster and are utterly unhelpful. To be grateful for the little things is to rise above.


  6. ~*Grace*~

    This semester has been particularly hard on my body. Due to a Dark Night of Soul, spoken of in the upcoming post The Ninth Door, my health went downhill and I spent many days bedridden with severe spinal headaches, back pain, pinched nerves and sublimations of all kinds. I missed many days of class and work, struggling to use those painful days off to practice dissolving the “pain body” with Presence, prescribed by master Eckhardt Tolle.

    Due to missing many days of work I haven’t had the money to see a chiropractor, which has helped very much in the past. It’s a bit of a conundrum, not having the money to go to the doctor and not being able to make money because I don’t go to the doctor. This is a continuing theme that I have created in my life, I’ve noticed. I’m going to college so I don’t have to work the construction job that is killing my body anymore, but my body is so broken that I’m having a hard time showing up for my classes. Some days I jokingly wonder which will happen first, my degree or my imminent demise.

    One day when my pain was particularly bad my younger sister sent me the money to go to the cheapest doctor in town, $25 a visit. Unfortunately, the “Back Alley Butcher”, as I refer to him now, has a technique of all~over~body popping, every bone simultaneously, which in my opinion is detrimental and downright dangerous to the delicate balance between muscles, tendons, joints and bones. I felt I had no other choice, but after three such visits I’m having strange new, equally~debilitating pain in different places than ever before, feeling as if my back or neck is broken or has an axe buried in it. There simply is no insurance I can afford at the present time, and seemingly no one can help me.

    The past couple of days I have been in quite a bit of pain in my neck and the middle of my upper back, emanating out through my shoulders and down to my ribs as if my entire back is broken. Laying flat makes it worse, causing the pain to throb, therefore I haven’t been sleeping much at all. During the day I have used Presence to continue going to school and getting my homework done, but at night, between sleeping and waking and pain I’m not very good at holding focus for long.

    After about two days of no sleep and being in constant pain, plus the upcoming finals I have had to study for despite not being able to hold a book up to read it, my emotions began swinging wildly back and forth and I found myself near tears many times during the day. Last night I decided to sleep on the couch sitting straight up, which is the only way I can get to sleep on such nights. My Other urged me to come to bed and at least attempt to sleep there, mostly because he feels terrible about leaving me in pain and alone. Though I knew that I simply would not be able to sleep in my bed I complied for his sake, deciding that I’d give it five minutes and then come back to the couch.

    As soon as I lay down in bed my neck and temples began throbbing terribly and I lost it. I started crying quietly as my Other stroked my head. He always feels so bad that there’s nothing he can do to help. “It’s so hard to hope,” I said. “It’s so hard to do what Eckie says with this little sleep and this little hope.” He continued to console me in his silent way, and I bunched up the pillows in an attempt to create some sort of soft wall to lean against. I knew that, with that amount of pain, there was going to be no way I could attend class the next day, and I can’t miss anymore days this semester. I was filled with an overwhelming sorrow. I couldn’t mentally handle the sleeplessness, the pain or the stress any longer.

    I called out to my master. “Dap Ren, please take this from me. I can’t carry it. Sugmad {God}, please give me grace, take the pain from me.” Behind my closed eyes my master appeared, his face so loving, a solemn look on his face. He bowed his head and I was suddenly very drowsy. The pain in my back melted away. My neck released its tension and I stopped crying. Very quickly I drifted off to sleep and slept the night through.

    This morning I woke with no pain, and all day I’ve been able to wear my backpack with my laptop in it without any trouble. I am so humbled by the experience. I’m prone to be stubborn, not asking for help from anyone, ever. But help is all around us at all times, and it doesn’t matter which God you believe in, or if you believe in nothing. If you can’t carry something you can’t carry it. It is the state of ultimate surrender, to know that something is bigger than your ability to control or change. All you have to do is surrender.


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