The Matrix Is Real


We’ve all heard spiritual teachers say that in silencing thought we find all the secrets of the universe, but how is that possible? Such a conundrum this “Inward Journey”, hard to wrap the mind around. What exactly does it mean to live in waves, and how does “multi~dimensionality” relate to us as “vibrational beings”? What does “As Above, So Below” mean? It is said that the hardest questions in life are the most easily answered. That’s because the answers are those we already know…we just don’t know it yet.

I’ve only just discovered how all these concepts connect in physical reality and now I am part of the conundrum, finding few words to employ that are less cryptic than those that confused me in the first place. The most current and universally recognised example I can think of is the movie “The Matrix”. Since I saw it the first time years ago, I’ve come to recognise that it is literally a metaphor for what we are all doing, every waking moment of our lives. Here are three unique perspectives.


  • ~Your physical body is living in a pod full of ectoplasmic fluid. You were grown by machines that keep you in a programmed dreamstate, where they have total control. You are convinced that it’s real but there are little questions in your subconscious, an unnameable feeling that something isn’t right. Why does it seem like you have no control? Why does evil prevail but good people die? And most importantly, why are you not happy? Some things just don’t make sense, but you rely on your thoughts to guide your way. You don’t question the Matrix, you trust in the law and your religion and live the best you can.
  • ~~Your physical body is living in a pod full of ectoplasmic fluid. You were put there by yourself but you don’t always remember that. Sometimes you can control your own dreamstate but sometimes you forget, living as others do under the control of the machines. Because you woke up and realized what was really going on, you understand why it seems like the Matrix is so full of evil, because so many people still think the machines are real. The more you wake up the better it gets when you go back to sleep. the quieter your mind gets. You can hear the hum of the pod from inside the Matrix, reminding you what is a dream and what is real. You question the Matrix but live the best you can, because there’s nothing else to do.


  • ~~~Your physical body is living in a pod full of ectoplasmic fluid, but you know you chose to be there. You’ve already figured out how to get in and out whenever you want; not only that, but you can stay awake and in complete control while you’re in the Matrix. You see that good and bad are equally balanced and that every ‘bad’ event is really a challenge that you programmed yourself. You see that you, yourself programmed the thought of machines controlling everything, because you came here to learn what it meant to be controlled.

Once you got far enough away from the pod in your exploration of the universe, you decide that exploration is great but you have to honour your original plan by hanging around the Matrix until you’ve learned what you came to learn. In the silence of your mind you can hear the humming of the Universe, the buzzing of the pod and the songs of the sleeping ones, and know that everything is going along as everyone planned. You make it your purpose to be a benefit to others because you realize that each one of us is waking up in our own way and you just want to make it easier for others to do so. Your love wakes them up and, in return, their love wakes others. Since you can come and go as you please and you can see the big picture, the Matrix doesn’t feel like a prison.multidimensional

Imagine that those experiences are all happening simultaneously, and you understand life in waves. With every realization, or “awakening”, a deeper understanding of the ‘program’ is gained. Chances are that each of us have lived every one of these waves in one lifetime or another. None of these experiences are ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’, they are experiences based on what wave one is riding; how you were raised, what you have found to be true in this lifetime and what feels safe to you.

The more we quiet our minds in the Matrix the more we awaken in the pod, the less afraid we are, like the sky diver who has fallen from a plane enough to be able to enjoy it without fear. The quieter our minds are, the less ego controls what we think we know and see around us, which is the illusion of the Matrix, to believe we are controlled by something other than ourselves. The quieter our minds are even our sight improves, just as a man who goes deaf has better sight. When we become ‘deaf’ to the ego, as well as deaf to everyone elses explanations of what life and God are, we step outside of the pod to find what exists for ourselves.

black and colour 9

It’s not just lifetimes that are waves, moment by moment we are living in ‘all dimensions at once’, not only here but in actual other dimensions where different lives, events and choices are being created.

There are indicators of this everywhere we look, but often we don’t realise what we are seeing. The following is an example of how dimensions of perception can change one moment to the next.

I have a bad dream and wake up feeling ‘off’. The world seems darker, the hallway feels menacing. People stare at me on the street. I almost get into an accident and someone cuts me off. There are no parking spots near work and am late because of it. The boss is in a horrible mood, which in turn makes me angry. I can feel a sore throat coming on. Time is going by so slow. The news on the radio is talking about natural disasters and crime. I start thinking about the fight I had with my mother and it makes me feel guilty.

I get a phone call and a man informs me that I just won a new Camaro from the drawing at work. I’ve never won anything like that before and I get really excited. My boss almost seems angry that I won something but I don’t even care what he thinks anymore. In fact, after awhile my good mood is contagious and even he starts smiling and cracking jokes. The radio starts playing my favourite song and when I hum along I notice that my throat doesn’t hurt like it used to. Time flies by and I leave work. It’s almost like people are making room for me in line instead of cutting me off. I think about how happy my mom will be when she finds out I won a car!


Because thoughts emit an energy field that affects matter, thoughts literally change the world around you. Negative states switch to more positive states which, unlike magnets, begin attracting like charges and repelling the opposite. By changing my attitude I have literally and physically changed my vibratory frequency, and everything that belongs to that new frequency gravitates towards me. By positively focusing our thoughts we can literally repel negative ones, and holding that focus causes our entire world to change for the better.

thought frequencies

What I have done is change my dimension of perception here on Earth. This is why you’ll hear spiritual teachers talk about “changing your vibration” and “the Law of Attraction”. Spiritual teachers say that we live on every dimension at once, not only here but everywhere. That does not only mean literal other dimensions, but the shift in and out of dimensions of perception with every thought. With perception, subtle shifts in our reality are the only indicators that this has happened, most of us simply aren’t aware of it. People around us smile instead of frown, drivers allow us to cut in line instead of cutting us off and we think we are simply having a ‘good day’, unaware that we choose what kind of day we have. When you hold your vibration to a high level you are literally living in a higher~level dimension, where things go more smoothly and events work in your favour. All life matches the frequency you are on. This is why it can be said that each man is his own universe.

black and colourC

What silence gives you is a secret door to skip the constant pull of your emotions and thoughts from one dimension to another, so that you can exist in the highest vibration possible. You stop creating illusions around you by having opinions on everything that happens. This was very difficult for me to grasp for awhile, because we feel we need our opinions to protect us and guide us in the right direction. Nothing could be further from the truth. Without opinions we are free to tap into the guidance system that sees all and knows all: the source of the energy we are made of. Remember, energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change from one form to another.

When you refuse to add judgements and opinions to life, you allow it to be what it is, which causes you to see that it is absolutely, exquisitely perfect in every way, no exceptions.

Not just here. Everywhere, in every dimension, in every universe. As Above, So Below.

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5 thoughts on “The Matrix Is Real

  1. Very interesting offering, Tiffany, thank you!

    I love this key phrase:

    “The illusion of the Matrix is to believe we are controlled by something other than ourselves.”

    I have definitely witnessed the Matrix-like nature of reality on more than one occasion, waking up periodically, as you describe here, and then being pulled back to sleep. (Love your phrase “the songs of the sleeping ones…”) Waking up again, rediscovering everything I discovered before—sometimes with new progress made—and then going back to sleep. And so on. As you say so accurately: “The more you wake up the better it gets when you go back to sleep.” It’s true; no regression is a complete regression. It’s a two-steps-forward-one-step-back situation in my experience.

    Recently I had a particularly compelling vision of the Matrix-like nature of reality….Which actually left me feeling that maybe we DO need to fight these enslaving forces! Maybe we are collectively enslaved! (I got on a thread of googling the gnostic idea of “archons,” which the Matrix is based on; would love to hear your thoughts on that!)

    Yet, generally, I have seen the pain of this world as ultimately a nightmare we can wake from, ultimately an illusion—since I, too, feel we are ultimately eternal beings, having a temporary human/finite experience of biological/physical existence. Mostly, I have felt that I chose to come here, and that every hardship is a lesson through which my soul is being “forged in the fire” to a refined state. I have usually taken any idea of “invisible controllers” as a personification of our own fear. But recently I questioned this acceptance: could the basis of my dismissal be one of the programs designed to keep us under “their” thumb?

    Then again, reading your inspiring piece here, I think: perhaps I have fallen back under the spell…! Haha. A perfect time to read this post.

    Even if there are actual forces invisibly & subliminally attempting to control humanity, the focus on self-empowerment is the same: the only way out would be to make one’s own force field so powerfully luminous & high frequency that all negative systems of control would be deflected & dissolved!

    But it’s more of a tiring concept, psychologically, to see it as a fight between forces, rather than the illusion of a fight—-that perspective is much more freeing! Feels lighter….perhaps because it is more enLIGHTENed! 😉

    Thanks for the reminder & the nourishing food for thought!



    • *giggle* I love your enthusiasm. 🙂 In your words, there is no regression, only progression. It has not been my Path to fight against illusion for many years, but it is, indeed, A Path. Perhaps you were meant to fight the good fight at this time in your life, or perhaps you were acknowledging the enslavement of man that you could be freed of it once more. 🙂 To hold resistance against anything, even holding resistance itself, is resisting, eh? 🙂 Ever onwards, indeed.


  2. Hi there! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this
    post reminds me of my previous room mate! He consistently kept talking about
    this. I will forward this post to him. Quite sure
    he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!


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